Ultrafine MotiPix Motion Picture Eastman Kodak Film Stocks for Still Cameras (ECN-2 Process)

Ultrafine MotiPix Motion Picture Eastman Kodak Film Stocks for Still Cameras (ECN-2 Process)
We have joined up with our friends over at MotiPix to offer on a more regular basis, Motion Picture Films with the Rem Jet backing in 35 mm Cassettes and Bulk Rolls. As this film requires special processing (ECN-2) and is absolutely not to be sent out to any regular labs, because the protective backing can "gum up the works" in any standard commercial C-41 processing environment, the majority of this stuff gets processed DIY with our C-41 Kits. You can take off the backing before or during your own processing regimen and it is not that difficult to remove (just an extra step really) and there are a few dedicated labs out there that will process for you but it is implicit that you only use a lab that is dedicated to ECN-2 process. This film is being offered in the spirit fun and experimentation and meant to give you Lomo like effects.

The Motipix Kodak current Emulsions are 5203, 5207, 5213, and 5219 and are all Cold Stored FRESH stocks (including the B & W 5222 as well) and most of the other older emulsions are outdated, discontinued, cold stored and tested by us. All of the other emulsion are Classic Vintage.and obviously may have experienced color shifts and have some density loss, which adds to the experimental nature of these emulsions. All Films that are marked VINTAGE it is best to make sure to allow a few stops, or bracket your initial roll for creative results. All of the Motipix Films are cold stored.

Our home process C-41 Powder Kits

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Our home process ECN-2 Kits

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Also there are a few film labs that will take on ECN-2 Films

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