Photo Warehouse Gift Certificates

Photo Warehouse Gift Certificates
Photo Warehouse / Ultrafineonline Gift Certificate

Our goal is to provide online shoppers and Catalog customers with the ultimate shopping experience. This means offering a wide selection of products at great prices, but it also means providing outstanding customer service.

We developed the following Gift Certificate Guideline as a means of providing outstanding customer service our customers deserve regarding gift certificates.

1. Timing of Delivery:

The gift certificate you purchase is sent within 24 hours to the address you provide at checkout via email or if you choose we can mail it at the time of purchase. You also have the opportunity to write a special note to whom you are sending the gift certificate if you like.

2. Additional Fees or Charges: We DO NOT impose any additional fees or charges on the redemption of gift certificates.

3. Restrictions on Redemption: There are absolutely NO restrictions on our gift certificates . . . they never expire.

We believe that these Guidelines set forth the basic tenets of outstanding customer service with respect to the administration of gift certificates. By establishing these Guidelines, we hope to help you feel comfortable purchasing and redeeming gift certificates through