MotiPix Kodak Vintage Vision 5297 35 mm x 100 Ft. Motion Picture ECN-2 Process Film 200DZoom

MotiPix Kodak Vintage Vision 5297 35 mm x 100 Ft. Motion Picture ECN-2 Process Film 200D

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Vintage Kodak 5297 35 mm x 100' 200D Film MotiPix Motion Picture ECN-2 Process 1 Roll,

1 Roll KODAK Color Film / 5297 Daylight 200 ISO
Ultrafine Motipix (Motion Picture) Series
A 100 Foot Roll in Sealed Can
Machine Loaded by Photo Warehouse
Refrigerated Stock

Once an old favorite from the likes of Seattle Film Works and other companies from that era
Please note that this is Motion Picture Film with Rem Jet backing and IS NOT meant for standard C-41 Processing. It is being offered as a fun, fantastic, economical way to shoot Motion Picture film in your still camera (or Lomokino) and is being offered in the spirit of experimentation and creativity.

This film is rated at 200 Daylight terms of film speed and can be shot from 100 - 250 ISO or so, which can lead to lots of fun! This film is daylight balanced so if you are looking for fun fine grain film, you found it. Enjoy!

KODAK 200D Color Negative Film 5279

KODAK 200D Color Negative Film 5279 / 7279 / gives you control and flexibility at every phase of the filmmaking (picture taking) process—from capture through post, in both digital and traditional workflows. VISION2 50D Film has outstanding skin tones and color reproduction, while adding technical innovations that improve product performance and increase product versatility.

The proprietary, advanced Dye Layering Technology (DLT) provides noticeably reduced grain in shadows, allowing you to pull out an amazing amount of shadow detail. The proprietary Sub-Micron Technology enables 2 stops of extended highlight latitude, so you can follow the action into bright light-in a single shot-without worrying about blown-out details. 200D Film is designed to extend the capabilities of the DI (digital intermediate) process.

The improved grain provides better to signal to noise capabilities allowing the colorist to provide greater detail in shadows, while the extended highlight latitude enables improved digital "dodging and burning" to provide more details in highlights.

Motion Picture Films with the Rem Jet backing in 35 mm Cassettes and Bulk Rolls. As this film requires special processing (ECN-2) and is absolutely not to be sent out to any regular labs, because the protective backing can "gum up the works" in any standard commercial C-41 processing environment, the majority of this stuff gets processed DIY with our C-41 Kits. You can take off the backing before or during your own processing regimen and it is not that difficult to remove (just an extra step really) and there are a few dedicated labs out there that will process for you but it is implicit that you only use a lab that is dedicated to ECN-2 process.