MotiPix Vintage Kodak 5242 35 mm x 36 Exp Motion Picture ECN-2 Process Film Slow SpeedZoom

MotiPix Vintage Kodak 5242 35 mm x 36 Exp Motion Picture ECN-2 Process Film Slow Speed

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KODAK VISION Color Intermediate Film / 5242 Classic Vintage Cold Stored Please note that this is Motion Picture Film with Rem Jet backing and IS NOT meant for standard C-41 Processing. It is being offered as a fun, fantastic way to shoot Motion Picture film in your still camera (or Lomokino) and is being offered in the spirit of experimentation and creativity. This film is S..L..O..W in terms of film speed and can be shot at around 1 ISO or so, which can be part of the fun! This film is Tungsten balanced, and again, in the name of shooting fun, you need not bother with a filter, if you are looking for cool Lomo effects. (as the filter would make this stuff even slower) Enjoy! KODAK VISION Color Intermediate Film 5242 ESTAR Base are color intermediate films for the preparation of color master positives from color negative originals for release printing, and for mastering videocassette, DVD, and digital cinema releases, and for color duplicate negatives from the master positives. VISION Color Intermediate Film can be used for the preparation of color duplicate negatives from black-and-white silver separation positives. It can also be used as a recording film on laser recorders and CRT film recorders. It contains an integral mask similar to the mask in KODAK color negative films, but red in color. It has excellent image structure, tonal scale, and reproduction contrast near unity when printed and processed as recommended. It features micro-fine grain, high sharpness, and high resolving power. Motion Picture Films with the Rem Jet backing in 35 mm Cassettes and Bulk Rolls. As this film requires special processing (ECN-2) and is absolutely not to be sent out to any regular labs, because the protective backing can "gum up the works" in any standard commercial C-41 processing environment, the majority of this stuff gets processed DIY with our C-41 Kits. You can take off the backing before or during your own processing regimen and it is not that difficult to remove (just an extra step really) and there are a few dedicated labs out there that will process for you but it is implicit that you only use a lab that is dedicated to ECN-2 process.

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