Inkaid PreCoatings for Inkjet

Inkaid PreCoatings for Inkjet
InkAID is a comprehensive collection of ink jet receptive coatings that allows artists and photographers to use a limitless variety of substrates for their work. Images can be printed onto virtually any substrate which can run through your Inkjet printer.

Available in a Sample Set, White Matt, Clear Semi-Gloss, Clear Gloss, as well as Clear Gloss Type II. The Iridescent Series is available in Blue, Gold, Pearl, Red and Silver.

These coatings are to be utilized on most any substrate such as metals, fabric, paper, wood, textile, glass, and canvas. Substrates may require multiple coats and each of the Inkaid coatings have unique characteristics lending themselves to various applications.

As we have tried to get involved with all aspects of alternative imaging, and many photographers rightly feel they have lost touch with the craftsmanship of making a “handmade” print. Coating your own inkjet substrate is a unique approach to making your own statement with a digital image. Use gloves and adequate ventilation when applying coatings. MSDS sheets are available on the InkAID website.

Disclaimer of Warranty:
Because of the diversity of conditions, materials and/or equipment under which these products may be used, they are sold without any express or implied warranties whatsoever as to performance, merchantability, or date of shipment. The suitability of any product for an intended purpose shall be solely determined by the user.

Cannot ship in winter to below freezing areas.Cant be subjected to any temperature BELOW 32 degrees F.