Mini 110 Spy Camera (Ansco 50)Zoom

Mini 110 Spy Camera (Ansco 50)

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NEW old stock on these 110 cameras from deep within the racks of our warehouse.

Sold as the Ansco 50, back in the day. This is the Great Grand Daddy of the Holga Micro 110 Camera. We have been running some shots through these babies and besides loads of fun, they yield Lomo like images that would make Holga proud. These are Brand New Factory Packed, sitting in our warehouse for a number of years.

This bare-bones camera has a fixed focus lens. Single speed of 1/100. This was one of the original keychain 110 cassette cameras where the 110 cassette becomes part of the camera.
The Ansco 50 is half of a 110, with the back and one side open. In later models, both sides are open.

The Ansco is one step above many of the other "keychain" 110's. For example, the pop-up viewfinder pops out from the end, not the top. The camera comes with a built-in dark-slide that protects the camera when a cassette is not attached. Keychain not built-in. This camera was available under various give-away promotions, such as Burger King and Allstate, and sold under various names such as Viitar, Hanimex and Argus. S