The Demekin 110 Fisheye Film CameraZoom

The Demekin 110 Fisheye Film Camera

Item# 924-1034


The original, The Demekin, the one and only, Pop Eyed, Fisheye 110 Camera, with a Tripod hole. Wide Angle Fish Eye Lens 1:13.5 F=8.9mm. Just attach your favorite 110 film to the back and you have one of the neatest little cameras ever designed. Comes with lens cover. Remember some of the newer hand made boutique 110 films do not have the film paper backing for film advancement numbering so you have to be vigilant with your thumb! Before there was a Harinezumi Digital Camera there was the Superheadz 110. Measuring just 2 inches square, the SuperHeadz Demekin Fisheye 110 Camera has a host of features, including a 1/100 shutter speed, f/8.9 wide angle aperture, 1:13.5 lens, and enough room for a 110 film on the back. Demekin in roughly translated in Japanese means "pop-eyed goldfish"