Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Film Camera Metal Body, Plastic LensZoom

Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Film Camera Metal Body, Plastic Lens

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Product Highlights •Analog 110 Film Camera •13mm Plastic Fisheye Lens •Focus-Free Lens, Single f/8 Aperture •Shooting Modes: N (1/100 sec) & B (Bulb) •Built-In Viewfinder & PC-Socket Flash Back in 2009 the production of 110 film had ended, and it appeared as if the unique format would have been lost forever. The Fisheye Baby 110 from Lomography was created to prevent just that, and hails the return of a near-extinct film to a whole new generation of analog film photographers. Don't let its small size and simple operation fool you: these cameras deliver excellent analog snapshots filled with deep vignetting and classic light leaks. All of which comes to you in a camera that fits inside your pocket! No more will you have to use the same repetitive fake digital filters like everyone else's smartphone--get the real deal and take it with you to places your phone could never go, like a necklace hanging from your neck. Since this is Lomography's first step in a 110 film revival, the range of 110 cameras and film types will constantly grow and mature as time goes on. Even if you're just taking your first steps into the analog film world, you'll learn the ropes in no time and have fun doing it. Having a Bulb and MX setting in the Fisheye Baby 110s is unique to the market, as not many pocket 110 cameras have them. To do a multiple exposure you don't even need to flick a switch, just hit the shutter button twice and you've done it! Press it three or four times to really make things interesting. Once you've caught all of these images you're going to want to see them, and most photo labs, supermarkets or retail stores are equipped to handle the 110 film in the same way they do 35 mm film. It may have been a long time since they've seen the film type, but if they really are not equipped to process it they can probably suggest another lab nearby, or you can always take advantage of Lomography's mail-order services, the Online Lomolab, or bring your film right into one of the Lomography Gallery Stores. Just because you're shooting 110 film does not mean you have limited options! This camera is all about unique creativity, and limitless possibilities. Reviving the 110 film type, the Fisheye Baby exposes a 17 x 13 mm area of the film, and can also be double-, triple-, or even quintuple-exposed! This'll give you very creative and unique opportunities to pursue, in such a small package. For example, with its 110 film you can optionally transform it from color to black and white film half-way through the roll! You'll only sacrifice a single shot, but you can double the types of photos you can take on the same roll Though it is a tiny camera its full fisheye lens is anything but tiny. See more of the world around your camera with the very wide-angle 13 mm plastic lens. With its wide depth of field, the Fisheye Baby 110 will give you even closer shots than other Lomography fisheye cameras--so you'll get even cooler close-up portraits and photos Not only is it a compact and lightweight camera, but it is also very simple to use. Its focus-free lens, with a single f/8 aperture, allows you to snap away without worry--you'll catch nearly everything in your peripheral vision thanks to the wide-angle view With just two simple shooting modes you'll always know which is best in a given scene, without having dozens of cumbersome scene modes to sift through like a point-and-shoot digital camera. Simply choose N for a 1/100 sec shutter speed, or B (bulb) to hold the shutter open as long as you hold the shutter button down. The built-in viewfinder can also help you compose these images as the camera sees them, or go without it and just shoot away--leaving it a mystery what exactly you'll catch in each frame . Model # 955