Lomolicious 120 5 Roll Pack for your Toy, Lomo, Holga, and Vintage 120 CamerasZoom

Lomolicious 120 5 Roll Pack for your Toy, Lomo, Holga, and Vintage 120 Cameras

Item# 924-K120P
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5 Rolls Mixed of Vintage Films

Feed your 120 Camera some Lomolicicous 120 Film. All outdated, incredible vintage emulsions, in a handy 5 Roll variety pack. Black-and-White, C-41 Color Print, and some E-6 Slide fill thrown in for good measure. Take advantage of this unique special offer and load up some vintage films into your favorite 120 camera. This film may have achieved various amounts of image degradation, color shifts and what not, but that is the whole idea! Shoot and have some fun. We cannot guarantee exactly what you are going to get in your unique one of a kind pack, but they will all be unexposed, cold stored treasures for you to enjoy. We have been selling this pack ongoing for a number of years and it has been very well received by lots of happy film shooters. This is part of our keeping film alive initiative. We will do our best to give you a mixture of the following types of film, so let the fun and experimentation begin. One roll each of the following wicked good films in our Lomolicious Package (924-K120P);
1 Roll of Black & White Standard B & W Processing 2 Rolls of Color Slide E-6 Processing 2 Rolls of Color Negative C-41 Processing Please note that the exact rolls of film included are subject to change and will be "like" items for your film shooting pleasure. The illustrated image is just a sampling of what goes out and your package will vary.