Fujicolor CN 100 Color Print Film 35mm x 12 Exp.Zoom

Fujicolor CN 100 Color Print Film 35mm x 12 Exp.

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Enjoy exceptional true-to-life colors and enhanced sharpness from Fujicolor 100, a general-purpose film that's perfect for outdoor use. Type: 35mm color negative print film Speed: ISO 100 Applications: Portraiture, beauty, landscape, general use Process: Fujifilm Processes CN-16, CN-16Q, CN-16FA, CN-16L, or Kodak Process C-41 Color Saturation: Vivid Grain: Fine Sharpness: High Exposure Latitude: Wide Great for outdoor photography Patented 4th color-sensitive emulsion layer; Dramatic improvements in green end of spectrum; Vastly improve rendition of reds and purples Two-Stage Timing DIR Couplers improve color brilliance; Enhance edges for outstanding sharpness Enhanced color reproduction Captures true color even under fluorescent lights