Lost Films Vol. 1 by Various Artists Powershovel Audio - CDZoom

Lost Films Vol. 1 by Various Artists Powershovel Audio - CD

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From big name musicians and underground scene stars to no-name bedroom geniuses, we collected together our selection of 20 of the best musical innovators,for a compilation that crosses genres as much as borders. Among the varied and talented cast are Dennis Bovell (UK Dub master who produced such bands as pop group and the slits, hugely influential on early punk and new wave scenes), world reknowned electronic composer Jan Jelinek, popular US indie rock band Xiu Xiu, member of Kirihito and Group and long standing pillar of the Japan indie scene Takehisa Ken, and, last but not least, Sasaki Mika mobile phone composer extraordinaire, and artist behind such works as "art of sasakisan". It's as if you found and developed an unknown film and, to your surprise, found a world you never knew existed! Participating artists: Takehisa Ken, Xiu Xiu, Setopianics, Asuna, Magazine King, Ink, oco, Mika Sasaki, Dennis Bovell featuring Michelangelo Buonarroti, All traps set, Tatsuya Kurebayashi, twoth, apu, Yuichiro Fujimoto, Mau, R-Lab,Taichi Hiruma, Jan Jelinek, Pangea, Directorsound Visit the Lost Films Volume 1 Special Site for Tunes and Notes