Ilford MultiGrade IV Paper 5 x 7 / 100 Express PearlZoom

Ilford MultiGrade IV Paper 5 x 7 / 100 Express Pearl

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Packaged by us to save you money. Ilford Multigrade RC Express is a high speed, variable contrast, black and white photographic paper on a 190g/m2 resin coated base. RC Express is specially designed for high speed printing applications, where automatic and semiautomatic printers, printer-processors and minilabs are used. The sensitivity of Multigrade RC EXpress PF is optimized for very short exposures, which ensures high printing throughput The paper has a bright white base tint, the preferred base tint of most users, as well as a cool image color The preferred image color for most photofinishing applications The bright white base tint and cool image color enhances the sharpness of many subjects. Multigrade RC Express PF is compatible with all conventional black and white exposing and photofinishing equipment found in professional labs It is suitable for printing all black and white negatives, including chromogenic negatives, such as Ilford XP2 Super