Fujicolor SUPER HQ 200 35mm x 24 Exp  Expired Film SpecialZoom

Fujicolor SUPER HQ 200 35mm x 24 Exp Expired Film Special

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Another wonderful emulsion preserved in our cold room that we listed for the Expired Film Day folks and we are keeping it posted for everyone that celebrates expired film all year round.

The Fuji Super HQ emulsion is a much beloved emulsion that is getting a little harder to find.

Great for outdoor photography Patented 4th color-sensitive emulsion layer; Dramatic improvements in green end of spectrum; Vastly improve rendition of reds and purples Two-Stage Timing DIR Couplers improve color brilliance; Enhance edges for outstanding sharpness Enhanced color reproduction Captures true color even under fluorescent lights Enjoy exceptional true-to-life colors and enhanced sharpness from Fujicolor 200, and all around general-purpose film that's perfect for outdoor use or indoors with good lighting or with flash.

Fujifilm Processes CN-16, CN-16Q, CN-16FA, CN-16L, or more commonly known as Process C-41.