Ultrafine - X  Polyester Laser Plates 10 x 15 / 100Zoom

Ultrafine - X Polyester Laser Plates 10 x 15 / 100

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Ultrafine - X Polyester Laser Plates

Product Description & Application

Ultrafine - X Polyester Laser Plate is a bright white, superior quality polyester plate for sheet-fed small offset printing. It can be imaged directly through a laser printer or a digital copiers and does not require any exposing, processing, fusing or baking. Just mount the plate on the press and print. Ultrafine - X Polyester Laser Plate is ideally suitable for long run, high quality print applications such as Newsletters, Book Publications, Leaflets, Brochures and Literatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Unbeatable resolution to give halftone dot range from 2-98%.
  • Inventive surface coating to give run-length up to 5000 flawless impressions.
  • Unique EzeeKleen formulation for scum-free background during start-up and press stoppages.
  • Innovative AntiGrease layer safeguards the surface from finger prints or marks.
  • User-friendly QuicKling treatment that ensures that the plate fits closely around the cylinder, facilitating quick make readies.
  • Universally compatible with most laser printers and photo copiers.

Product Specification

Base: Dimensionally stable polyester film.
Total Thickness: 100 microns (±3 mic)
Coating: Single side coated. Coating side is identifiable through a notch on the right side when plate is held in portrait form.
Print Run*: 5000 impressions
Fusing of the Plate: Ultrafine - X Polyester Laser Plate does not require fusing (baking) or cleaning.
* Print run is dependent and subject to recommended press conditions.
Work Flow: