Ultrafine Ultratrans Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Transfer Papers

Ultrafine Ultratrans Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Transfer Papers
This high release paper is ideal for ink applications such as transfers on t-shirts, mugs, glass, tiles and metals. The sturdy weight allows the paper to easily conform to corners and uneven surfaces such as textured tiles This transfer paper is formulated to provide outstanding results for most substrates for aqueous sublimation inkjet printers.

SubliColor Universal is an excellent choice for all-purpose sublimation transfer printing needs. This sublimation paper features excellent drying times and extremely high color transfer rates - plus, its ease of handling through various printers and excellent performance properties make it a perfect choice for any print project. Suitable for interior design, advertising aids, soft signage, etc.

100 gram coated universal sublimation transfer paper

Offers high color transfer, quick dry, and reduced wet cockling

Excellent performance properties include sharp contour definition and excellent media flatness

Best for use with any aqueous inkjet sublimation printer