Ultrafine Monobath and Ultrafine Archival Wash BundleZoom

Ultrafine Monobath and Ultrafine Archival Wash Bundle

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This "No Excuses Bundle" contain the Monobath Developer and the Archival Wash MONOBATH DEVELOPER The Ultrafine MONOBATH Black and White Developer is a ready to use (not a concentrate) liquid developer/stop bath/fixer that develops and fixes all in one shot and is reusable to boot. You can process around 16 rolls with each bottle. Each time you re-use allow around an additional 15 seconds of development time for every re-use. When in doubt, over process a little as this allows the film to "clear" with the repeated use. Developing for 3.5 minutes at 75F (Fahrenheit) is an optimal starting point. This is a single step process, do not dilute. You can adjust development as you experiment to your own preferences. For example if you go to 68F, the recommended development time is 5.5 Minutes. This is considered an archival process as long as you properly wash your film for 20 -25 minute post development. You can drastically reduce your wash time by utilizing an Ultrafine Archival Wash type product to your rinse. Due to the abbreviated development times agitation is recommended, around every 8 - 10 seconds. This product like many of our fun offerings lends itself to experimentation and creative utilization. Enjoy! Reusable, all-in-one solution,l NOT a concentrate - Ready to use (or re-use) ARCHIVAL WASH A one quart bottle will make 11 gallons of working solution. Ultrafine Archival Wash can save you around 90% of normal wash water requirements Archival Wash is non-corrosive and is formaldehyde free.