Ultrafine ULTRASCREEN Clear Inkjet Waterproof Film 12" x 18" - 100 SheetsZoom

Ultrafine ULTRASCREEN Clear Inkjet Waterproof Film 12" x 18" - 100 Sheets

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Waterproof inkjet film for screen printing film positives Inkjet film runs on Pigment and Dye Inks, on Epson, Canon and HP. For Tremendous Ink coverage, NO film out there accepts as much ink, dry to the touch incredible density! For Silk Screeners and for Alternative Process Photographers.. Ultrafine ULTRASCREEN film is a high density polyester-based clear film for computer-to-film digital imaging using recommended inkjet printers. It is ideal for pleasing full-colour & screen positives in any size, with unbeatable value-for-money. ULTRASCREEN film is designed to produce high-resolution four-color plate-ready positives, with UV density matching silver-based films. ULTRASCREEN can also be used for generating negatives. However, the ink consumption is significantly higher than that for making positives. When imaged on high-resolution pigment-based inkjet printers (e.g. Epson Stylus Pro series), the patented ink-receiving layer ensures excellent reproduction of 2 - 98% dots at 2880 dpi, micro-fine lines and perfect solids. ULTRASCREEN offers the lowest cost computer-to-film solution, ideally suited for newspapers, book & magazine publishers, screen printers and several other applications currently using expensive silver-based films.Ultrafine Waterproof (Ultrascreen) film from Photo Warehouse is based on the same standards as the popular FastPOSITIVE - which was the industry standard. This film has a special microporous coating that makes it waterproof. The ink dries instantly and the density of the black ink from an inkjet printer is outstanding.** Excellent image density and halftone dot shape, minimal dot gain, crisp image sharpness and quick drying. Works with both pigment and dye based ink and is 4 mil thickness for great stability and registration.