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Superheadz LAST CAMERA DIY 35mm Camera

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DIY Last Camera 35mm Do It Yourself Kit

The First Battle of The Last Camera. A 35mm Film Camera.

Now, all the apps and smart phones have become the new cameras. Even the digital cameras are pushed away by the smart phones; has analog film camera become just an ancient remnant from the Stone Age? If this is the case, why not swim against the tide of the time completely with all your might? We wanted to make a super analog camera. So, here we are, announcing the release of a very time consuming camera you cannot do anything with unless built by yourself like other plastic models - “DIY 35mm Camera” known simply as the “LAST CAMERA”.

DIY 35mm film camera
Interchangeable lens: 22mm, 45mm
Bulb mode available
Interchangeable camera back (normal/ light leak back door)
Release date: September, 2012 (tbc)
LAST CAMERA 3 features!

The world’s first DIY camera with interchangeable lens! Comes with 2 lens: 22mm and 45mm.

Interchangeable back: In addition to the normal back door, a back door aimed for a light leak effect is included.

The rest is up to you: customize as you like!