Superheadz 35mm Adapter For Holga 120Zoom

Superheadz 35mm Adapter For Holga 120

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The Superheadz Holga 35mm adapter is Superheadz's version of the 35mm adapter, designed for use with the Holga 120 cameras and far superior to the one that Holga produces, but a bit more expensive (but worth it, in Our Opinion). The price difference between this and the standard Holga 120 to 35mm adapter comes with a reason: There is a frame counter - No more guesswork required as to how much you need to advance... the frames shoot close to spot on! Film rewind - No need to get into a dark room as you would have to with the standard adapter, this offers the ability for you to rewind your film when you are done shooting Shoot with or without sprockets - Probably the most appealing bit about this adapter is the ability to shoot onto sprockets. This means pictures are not limited by the standard rectangular 35mm format, but are visible even where the sprocket holes are! It's plastic, but the construction is top notch - the whole unit fits very snug into the 120 body, you need not worry about it falling out and going boom. The question of whether you really need this comes down to how much you will be shooting your Holga 120 using 35mm. If you have a Holga 120, and have thought about getting a Holga 135, then yes, this is definitely for you as the 135 can not shoot onto sprockets. If you want the best of both worlds (120 and 35mm) then getting the Holga 120 and also having this handy sure beats the original Holga adapter by a mile and will make your life a lot easier!