Rollei Infrared 400 Black and White Negative Film 35mm x 100'Zoom

Rollei Infrared 400 Black and White Negative Film 35mm x 100'

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Rollei Infrared 400 is well suited for experimental, creative applications and for scientific photography. This film has a sensitivity up to 820nm and an ISO of 400 without filtering. Perfect exposures can be reached, using special infrared filters, leading to results with an unusual tonal range. Special AURA effects can be obtained by overexposing film. It has high contrast, very fine grain and excellent sharpness and is especially suited for scanning.


Traditional Black and White Infrared Film
High speed panchromatic black and white film material with special infrared sensitivity
Large exposure latitude and a high exposure reserve for application under all lighting and climatic conditions.
Special coating for improvement of film transport properties of the cameras Suitable for daylight or tungsten lighting
Polyester base support guarantees the highest level of archive stability (LE 500) Under careful handling, Rollei Infrared can be inserted and removed from the camera under subdued light conditions.

Please Note: To achieve strong Infrared (IR) effects we recommend exposing the film at a maximum of ISO 25 and using an R72 dark red infrared filter or deeper infrared filter. Standard Red 25A filters are not recommended. Individualized exposure testing is necessary to realize optimal results.

Manufacturer's recommended developing times as follows:

Rollei High Speed 1+7 for 6 minutes
Rollei High Speed 1+12 for 8.5 minutes
Rollei Low Speed 1+4 for 18 minutes
Kodak D-76 stock for 6 minutes
Ilford ID-11 for 6 minutes
Ultrafine 76 for 6 minutes ​