Lomography Lubitel 166 B/Universal Medium Format TLR Film Camera - USEDZoom

Lomography Lubitel 166 B/Universal Medium Format TLR Film Camera - USED

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Lomography Lubitel 166 Model B or 166 Universal Medium Format TLR Film Camera with 75 mm Lens

Good Clean, Excellent Camera with Case
Lubitel refers to any of the several medium format twin-lens reflex cameras manufactured in Russia by LOMO. The design is based on the early 1930s Voigtländer Brillant camera with various improvements over the years.

The Lubitel uses 120 film, feature Cooke triplet, all-glass lenses and shutter speeds from bulb to 1/250 of a second. Aperture range is from f/4.5 to f/22. These characteristics are closer to those of a nice amateur TLR of the 1950s than a toy or disposable camera. They can achieve excellent results when the lens is stopped down but, as with any three-element lens, the results will be soft by today's standards at larger apertures.

Lubitel cameras are often used by art photographers or amateurs looking for a cheap introduction to medium format photography, but they are capable of producing wonderful images as seen on Flickr and various other photo posting sites.
We have random stocks on these, and will supply you with either the 166 B or 166 Universal Camera. The illustration references the Universal model. No mask available.