Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - UsedZoom

Fujifilm Fuji Klasse 35mm Camera - Used

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Mechanically perfect and film tested, with very light scruffs and scrapes from normal usage but overall very nice cosmetically. High-performance luxury film compact cameras experience a joy to take pictures. With a comparable to DSLR image quality 28 mm f/2.8 Fujinon lenses mounted! -Focal length 28 mm F2.8 Super EBC Fujinon lens -Two photographers concepts to better reflect exposure mode "program AE" Aperture Priority AE ' recruitment -Aperture opening at 1 / 500 sec high speed shutter -Viewfinder information rich. (1 / 2 Step shutter speed display, exposure correction warning the Flash mark etc) -With one-touch operation can be a quick, independent exposure compensation dial equipment -With a perfect subtle exposure control reversal film shoot at the correct exposure relative to continuous shooting at 3 stages before and after exposure auto exposure bracketing ( AEB ) features. (Can be also linked with exposure compensation dial) -Focuses precisely on the subject aimed at high precision 5-point positioning ranging autofocus (with proximity correction mark) -ISO sensitivity corresponding to the increase in sense of shooting manual setting function -Natural photo (NP) system adopted dark without Flash to take pictures of the natural atmosphere Format 35mm lens shutter camera Screen size 24mm 36mm Photographic lens Super EBC Fujinon lens 5 group 6 pieces of f = 28mm 1:2.8 angle of view: 75.4 Distance adjustment Passive AF system focusing distance: 0.3m ~ ∞ manual focus mode can be switched (16 points switching) has focus lock function with short-range warning Shooting mode Priority AE program AE, Aperture Finder Real-image viewfinder magnification of 0.35 times the field of view: 85% (∞ at the time) Viewfinder Mark shutter speed focus manual focus exposure compensation synthesis flash mark Shutter Electronic program shutter (Program AE, AE Aperture Priority) Shutter speed B, 1/2 ~ 1/500 sec (F2.8 midnight) to 1/1000 second (F16 pm) Relative range EV4 ~ 16 (ISO100 pm) Metering Photometry outside the IC metering method Exposure compensation 2.0EV 0.5EV step increments AEB 0.5EV, 2 frame or 3 frames 1.0EV Selection In continuous NP mode Depending on the brightness optimum exposure control (0 ~ +2 EV correction) Film speed ISO25 ~ 3200 (1/3 step increments) can be set manual DX auto set Film loading The first frame set automatic auto-loading when the film is not sent, flashing "E" on the liquid crystal display unit and shutter lock Film feed Rewind automatic winding reverse loading progressive automatic Allowed leave * FILM TIP (by rewind button halfway) can rewind the middle Film counter Flash Built-in low-brightness light emitting auto flash charge time: about 4 seconds guide number: 9 Flash mode Automatic flash mode / emission stop / Forced flash / Red-eye reduction / Night Scene (Slow synchro) / Night Portrait (Slow synchro) The method of * red-eye reduction mode: four times pre-flash, and the flash is the fifth time Self-timer Electronic operating time: 10 seconds / 2 seconds self-timer lamp with Liquid crystal display Film counter aperture (Program AE mode) shooting distance flash exposure compensation mode AEB AEB correction amount MF (manual focus) B (bulb) valve timer self-timer mode NP film speed dating battery capacity * Backlit Power CR2 1 this lithium battery Other Dating function tripod screw hole with cable release can be connected to an optional dedicated hood mounting Allowed Size 123mm (W) 63.5mm (H) 38.5mm, except (D) protrusion Mass (weight) I 270g (excluding battery)