Lomography 35mm x 36 ISO 200 X-Pro Slide Film - 3 PackZoom

Lomography 35mm x 36 ISO 200 X-Pro Slide Film - 3 Pack

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For whacked out colors, huge contrast, and insane saturation, where do you turn? To slide film, of course! With the new Lomography X-Pro Slide film being made from the original Agfa RSX 200 emulsion, what more could you ask for? One pack consists of three rolls of film. 35mm x 36 Color Slide Film ISO 200 When you want to take the Lomo look of crazy and unique images to the extreme, try this Lomo X-Pro 200 cross process film for some unbelievable colors, ridiculous contrast, and a generally unpredictable nature to the results. Isn't that the point of shooting with a Lomo? Lomo's X-Pro 200 is based upon Agfa's RSX II 200 slide film, and it has a green tonality when put through the C-41 process like any normal print film. Wonderfully unpredictable results Crazy colors and huge contrast Based upon Agfa's discontinued RSX 200 production emulsion