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Kodak RA Royal Gold ISO 100 24 Exp

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ROYAL GOLD Film offers micro-fine grain, extremely high sharpness, and the capability for an extremely high degree of enlargement. The film is designed for exposure with daylight or electronic flash.
Use ROYAL GOLD Film in cameras that allow you to set the film speed manually, or in cameras that will correctly set the film speed automatically from the DX code on the magazine. (Some automatic 35 mm cameras do not read the DX code for ISO 25/15° film and will underexpose it.) .This film requires more precise exposure control than general purpose films.
Other features include—

• Extremely high sharpness
• Enlargements of superb clarity
• Incorporates KODAK T-GRAIN™ Emulsions
• Micro-fine grain
• Designed for processing in KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals for Process C-41
• Can be processed with other ROYAL GOLD Films, KODAK GOLD, EKTAR, and EKTACOLOR Films, KODAK Pro Films, and KODAK VERICOLOR and EKTAPRESS Professional Films
• Built-in dye-masking color couplers
• Provides quality color reproduction without supplementary masking