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Kola Manual Color Flash Filters

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What's Color Filter Manual : KOLA It's a Color Filter that you can hold by your hand to cover your flash or your lens to splash color and make unique different result, as you can see in the pictures above. Why "Color Filter : KOLA", because Color Filter : KOLA can make almost everyone that pass by excited and having fun with it. Color Filter : KOLA is very easy to use, just cover and shoot. No photography skill required at all, everybody can use it and it can use with any kind of camera ex. Mobile phone camera, Iphone , BB, Digital camera, Film camera, Lomo, DSLR and many more. Color Filter : KOLA can splash color by many ways, it's a tool that can create color effect that let user release their imagination as much as they want. Color Filter : KOLA comes with 8 colors in a box, with a great price. Technical Details Just hold the Color filter KOLA in front of your lens, it will splash color (Color splash) all over the picture Hold Color filters KOLA in front of your flash, it will splash color (Color splash) or appear just only on the object that has flash light on it Mix 2 or more colors in front of your lens or flash, to get the different result, use Color Filter KOLA with Canon's feature like Color Accent or Color Switch, will give you more amazing result on your pictures. You can use it with any kind of cameras, from mobile phone camera, compact, DSLR, Lomo, Underwater shoot, and everything else It cheap, it chic, it very easy to use by everyone. Especially, it's so much fun and you can adapt how to use it in your new own way