Kodak 5302 Fine Grain Positive Release Film 35mm x 36 Exp - 5 RollsZoom

Kodak 5302 Fine Grain Positive Release Film 35mm x 36 Exp - 5 Rolls

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Loaded by Photo Warehouse 5 Rolls of 35mm x 36 exp Kodak Positive 5302 In keeping with our ongoing crusade to keep film alive, we are proud to offer FGP 5302 Film. EASTMAN Fine Grain Release Positive Film 5302 (35 mm) is a low-speed, high-resolution print film. This blue-sensitive black-and-white film is designed for general release printing. It is also useful for making both positive and negative titles. This is a very slow film (like our ortho litho film) and can be shot in camera (figure roughly ISO 5-6) or directly contacted to negative film. The film needs to be handled in subdued light as there is no anti-halation backing and this stuff tends to pipe light. The film is primarily blue-sensitive, almost like a graded photo RC paper. Kodak has mostly recommended an OA safelight or total darkness. Development and exposure are fairly well documented on some of the more helpful sites such as APUG, but the original recommended developer was D-97, but folks have been using paper developers and film developers over the years depending on what application you are using and what you are trying to achieve. Click here to check out some great Kodak 5302 shots on flickr