Kodak 5302 Fine Grain Positive Release Film 35mm x 100 Foot RollZoom

Kodak 5302 Fine Grain Positive Release Film 35mm x 100 Foot Roll

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100 Foot Rolls SOLD OUT - 36 Exp Rolls available

Loaded by Photo Warehouse EASTMAN Fine Grain Release Positive Film 5302 (35 mm) is a low-speed, high-resolution print film. This blue-sensitive black-and-white film is designed for general release printing. It is also useful for making both positive and negative titles. This is a very slow film (like our ortho litho film)and can be shot in camera (figure ISO 5-6) or directly contacted to negative film. A film for general, black-and-white production release printing. Also useful for making negative and positive titles, dubbing prints for sound, and kinescope recording from negative tube images. The film has a gamma range of 2.5-4.5, with only blue sensitivity, and was used to prepare positive motion picture prints. In the alternative process world there are folks using it in a camera, again ay very slow speeds. Please take great care in loading and utilizing as this film does not have an anti-halation backing so it would have a tendency to pipe light, so subdued light handling is highly recommended. Click here to check out some great Kodak 5302 shots on flickr