Kodak 5325 Commercial Internagative Film 35mm x 36 Exp Roll (PLT) Loaded by Photo Warehouse

Item# 624-36PLT


LIMITED AVAILABILITY Loaded Spec PLT By Photo Warehouse Process C - 41 The eventual "replacement" product for Vericolor Slide Film - KODAK Commercial Internegative Film is intended for producing same-size positive transparencies from color negatives or for making reduced-size transparencies from larger negatives. You can use this film for professional and photofinishing applications with contact-printing or copying and duplicating equipment. You can also use this film to copy black-and-white line art to make reverse-text slides or crop. For creative and artistic purposes 5325 can be shot in a 35mm camera at very low ISO ratings, and filters can be utilized to achieve additional artistic effects. Shot at around 6 - 8 ISO or 3 -4 with filters, although some striking images have certainly been captured at much higher ISO gic=ven bright sunlight conditions. This is also, obviously an excellent film to cross process (x-pro) in E-6. Please Note: We also have limited stock on the OG 5072 Kodak in 35mm x 36 Exp. as well