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InkAID White Matte Precoating - PINT

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inkAID White Matte Precoat Basic Application Directions White Matte Precoat can be applied to any substrate that can be feed safely through your printer. The most frequent use is in coating artists papers to create a bright white surface receptive to inkjet inks. In addition to basic directions, this sheet also covers some hints and tips. Directions 1. Check MSDS White Matte for safety instructions in handling this product. Wear protective gloves. 2. Stir White Matte Precoat before applying. Be sure to scrape the bottom of the container as solids will settle to the bottom and must be stirred back in with a paint stirrer or a large stainless steel spoon. If unused for long periods of time White Matte Precoat can become quite separated, but will remix successfully. 3. Brush onto paper making a light and even coating of inkAID. Foam brushes give a smoother coat than bristle brushes. 4. If you are brushing White Matte Precoat onto a dark background, you will notice that it goes on translucent, but dries white. 5. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly. If working on surfaces like paper that may warp when damp, hang them to dry while still tacky will help keep out wrinkles and warps in the surface. 6. A second coat is often needed for the best results. It is a good idea to brush in a direction perpendicular to your first coat. Clean up with soap and water. 7. When all coats have dried to the touch, press the sheets flat under a heavy board overnight. On large sheets to be fed through large format printers, you may find rolling the paper into a soft roll (6" diameter or larger) with inkAID side out, will even out bumps in paper so that it will feed easily through the printer. 8. When sheet is flat it can be fed through your printer (inkAID side up!). Some experimentation may be necessary to get your settings right for optimal color, especially if you are working on a non-white surface where the inkjet colors will be mixing with the surface color. Use matte paper¯ or a canvas¯ settings as a starting point. When print dries it will be water resistant enough to add paint to the surface. The finish is matte enough to take dry media like color pencil. 9. Do not use solvent-based postcoats on your finished prints as they can dissolve the binders in the White Matte precoat.
Can not send in winter to areas subject to freezing. It can not be subjected to any temperature below 32 degrees F.