Ultrafine 3 P Panchromatic Paper for Pinhole Cameras

Ultrafine 3 P Panchromatic Paper for Pinhole Cameras
3 P Pinhole Panchromatic Paper

The three P's stand for Pinhole Panchromatic Paper (Handle like film in Total Darkness)

This is Panchromatic paper which we have found to be ideal for any Pinhole Camera including homemade pinhole cameras and Pinhole Paint Cans.

PREMIUM QUALITY BLACK AND WHITE PANCHROMATIC PHOTOGRAPHIC PAPER ON A RESIN COATED BASE, also can be used as a photographic enlarging paper (again, total darkness) with the the equivalent speed of Graded paper such as Ilfospeed. Or can be used in DIGITAL ENLARGERS Ultrafine 3 P is a premium quality black and white, panchromatic photographic paper that has a neutral image colour. It is coated onto a bright white, medium weight (190g/m2), water resistant, resin coated base.

For use in Pinhole cameras

For use with conventional enlargers

For use in Digital Enlargers* Real B&W prints from digital files

* Excellent contrast & sharpness Just as a note* We do have a number of people utilizing this with there standard enlarger (remember, total darkness) or playing around with it as a pinhole camera favorite, so we offer it in some "cut down" sizes as well. Cheers!