Ilford Galerie RC 44M (Pearl) Digital Silver Paper 6 in. x 492 ft. Roll B & WZoom

Ilford Galerie RC 44M (Pearl) Digital Silver Paper 6 in. x 492 ft. Roll B & W

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Ilford Galerie RC Resin Coated Black & White Enlarging Paper 117 1004 6" x 492 feet - Pearl Surface - Digital Silver - for darkroom work and digital heads 15.2 cm x 150m Emulsion Out Open in Total Darkness Medium Weight 190
Brand New, Factory Packed , Professionally Stored Rolls.
New Emulsion Optimised for Digital Exposure Suitable for Laser or LED Exposure Produces Real Silver Gelatin RC Prints Can be used for conventional printing paper ( Total Darkness recommended) Perfect as Pinhole Camera Paper as it is Panchromatic
LFORD GALERIE RC DIGITAL SILVER is a premium quality black and white, panchromatic photographic paper that has a neutral image colour. It is coated onto a bright white, medium weight (190g/m), water resistant, resin-coated base.
GALERIE RC DIGITAL SILVER has been designed using the very latest black and white silver halide emulsion technology. It has spectral sensitivity and exposure characteristics specially suited to optical digital exposure systems with tricolour laser enlargers or LED systems produced by Durst, Oc, Pollielettronica, Fuji and others.
GALERIE RC DIGITAL SILVER is an upgrade from ILFORD ILFOSPEED RC DIGITAL and features a completely redesigned emulsion.
The new emulsion offers significant improvements over the previous product. Namely :
- Better Dmax Up to 2.15 OD.
- Improved latent image characteristics post exposure.
- Optimised sensitometric curve shape to improve ease of calibration and calibration accuracy.
- Improved speed and better RGB sensitivity balance.
- Better highlight / shadow detail as a result of more accurate calibrations
ILFORD GALERIE RC DIGITAL SILVER is available in Glossy and Pearl surfaces