Ilford FP4 Plus ISO 125, 2.5x3.5" (6.5x9cm), 25 SheetsZoom

Ilford FP4 Plus ISO 125, 2.5x3.5" (6.5x9cm), 25 Sheets

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ILFORD FP4 Plus is an exceptionally fine grain, medium speed, black and white film. It is ideal for high quality indoor and outdoor photography, particularly when giant enlargements are to be made. In addition to general photography, FP4 Plus is also suited to copying and internegative work and has many applications in scientific, technical and industrial photography. FP4 Plus is robust and will give usable results even if it is overexposed by as much as six stops or underexposed by two stops. It is compatible with all major processing systems, including those which give the standard short fixing and washing times. FP4 Plus 35mm film is coated on 0.125mm/5-mil acetate base and is available in 24 or 36 exposure cassettes or in bulk lengths of 17 and 30.5 metres (56 and 100ft). FP4 Plus 35mm film is supplied in DX coded cassettes, suitable for all 35mm cameras. FP4 Plus sheet film is coated on 0. 180mm/7-mil polyester base with an anti-halation backing which clears during development. It is available in a wide range of standard sizes. The emulsion faces the user when sheet film is held in the position shown. Exposure Rating FP4 Plus has a speed rating of ISO 125/22deg. (125ASA, 22DIN, EI 125/22) to daylight. The ISO speed rating was measured using ILFORD ID-11 developer at 20deg.C/68deg.F with intermittent agitation in a spiral tank. Best results are obtained at EI 125/22, but good image quality will also be obtained at meter settings from EI 50/18