Holga Pinhole HPL-C Lens for Canon Camera Zoom

Holga Pinhole HPL-C Lens for Canon Camera

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The Holga Pinhole lens that can be used with ANY Canon DSLR/SLR Camera Get the Holga Lo-Fi pinhole look with corner vignetting and soft focus No Photoshop, Lightroom or other software required! Great looking Holga images straight out of Your Canon camera! As featured on CNET, Nikon Rumors, Peta Pixel, Boing Boing, etc... Now you can shoot in a Holga Pinhole style on your Canon DSLR! First came the acclaimed and incredibly popular Holga lens for Canon DSLR cameras (HL-C) which have proved one of our best selling products. And now to expand on that lens we have the Pinhole equivalent of that lens. What was once a hi-tech digital SLR now becomes a Holga pinhole camera!. The HPL-C lens is manufactured with a standard Canon mount and so is fitted to the camera body in the same way as any other Canon Lens. No additional modification to the camera or lens is necessary. So now you get the Holga Pinhole look with none of the hassle or cost of developing and printing the film.