Bevburry Beverage Flask Cell Phone Shaped 3 oz.Zoom

Bevburry Beverage Flask Cell Phone Shaped 3 oz.

Item# 924-BEVBUR
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Did you say your cell phone reception is a little fuzzy? Your texts are all amiss?

The Bev-Burry is the most realistic-looking phone flask available today. It looks exactly like a real Blackberry.

The original Bev-Burry.

How sick do you get when you pay crazy prices for weak drinks made with house booze? One of our secret phone flasks may be the answer to the problem.

Donít get caught with a cheap, old, stainless steel phone flask or a hip flask ... With this realistic-looking Bev-Burry phone flask, no one will ever give it a second look when you walk into your favorite nightclub, bar or event with this secret liquor flask in your handbag or pocket ...

These Bev-Burry liquor flasks hold 3 oz. (100ml) of your favorite poison. Discreetly flip open the top of your hidden flask and top up your drink.