Vintage Konica S R 100 35mm color print film, 36 exposuresZoom

Vintage Konica S R 100 35mm color print film, 36 exposures

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Konica SR 100 Vintage Color Print Film 35mm x 36 Exposure A truly vintage fun film from 1987 with funky chunky grainy goodness and a delicious pinkish cast when shot at box speed. May also have spots and stains or other anomalies on the negative for an artsy experimental flavor. A little less grainy and less pink and a little more towards the green hue when shot at ISO 50 or lower. So optimally around two stops slower than the box speed, essentially ISO 25, seems to be the best center range, and the least amount of color shift. Best to shoot it in a Camera that will let you set your film speed so that you can experiment with it as you like. If you use a point & shoot just make sure that it is a bright, bright, bright, sun shiny day and that you are in good standing with the Great Konica SR in the Sky. Konica SR 100 35mm Color Print Film Roll 0f 36 Exposure 100 OUTDATED Process C-41 (CN-16) 1987 Dating, Cold Stored - Discontinued by Manufacturer C-41 Processing ISO 100 35mm x 36 Exposures Features Traditional Color Negative film 35mm x 36 exposures Low Speed ISO 100 Ancient Vintage Film Orders ship by the following business day Enjoy this incredible LOW, LOW price!