TOKYO SLITS - Powershovel  Tankobon Hardcover Book by Hideki OmoriZoom

TOKYO SLITS - Powershovel Tankobon Hardcover Book by Hideki Omori

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While you are making a photo was taken only half model collection "Life as a Golden Half", and wanted to do the gravure plate in the same manner. Hair also also not stylist. Photographers multiple, cameras gem mixing from toys to digital, and take a picture as hot water, without the meeting, each time with the same Shibuya of the city, were taken in the same situation every time. Going to take four or five people came to 25 people you notice. Gravure idol always a, is our yearning basis. Even women, as of that child of gravure, tits want to be a large, want a woman-ish neck, want to collect the man of desire to herself in the carefree smile, and is to think, man, many times, woman and even in the terrible eyes, a little cute, nice tits, and ass there are Yosage a cutie, forget the Kero~tsu Te delle ~ Ttona~tsu, to sniff. I found in this. That's why, this in Japan, an unusual number of special effects hero is born, he gravure idol is born. To us, and I need I is not a "real me". It "is" desire good to say with me. Because, only the force, he save myself to become likely to collapse in the desire "to" thing. We wear a swimsuit. We "are" desire. And, but, still, to something, desire I "to". Gravure idol to reflux the desire. It's like a "journey" to chase the enlightenment you do not come to do like forever. Our bodies, the Rider and gravure idol, are more and more, wants. Hideki Omori (SuperHeadz.Tokyo / PowerShovel.Ltd.)