TOKYO (Powershovel books) 大型本 Rikki KassoZoom

TOKYO (Powershovel books) 大型本 Rikki Kasso

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TOKYO (Powershovel books) 大型本 April, 2010 RIKKI KASSO He and the first time was there, there brand of events. He is a up-and-coming designers and artists who came from NY, still what was not a per exceeded 20-year-old little at that time? We also involved in the event, where he met him. He had a eye like horribly boy. The eye, such as animal and human intermediate is much, much was left in my memory. After it from 7 years! To know freak coincidence that he has been active in the photo, I was offered a or not made him to photograph collection. Anna eye and can not have a bad photograph a man take which had a! Much it can be seen even in stupid! I had decided to publish without much look at the pictures. He feel is that you are pretty aware of the Tokyo than me. I do not know anything the Tokyo. He is familiar with the woman of Tokyo. I do not at all know the woman of Tokyo. We, as those know, that thing you do not know, but two of the counter electrode. But, where you think you want to know now is, oddly enough, like the twins, are consistent. And, I believe without permission. Tokyo people like Ricky is, a place like she moved to discard the New York. That it is to me very proud. Content ("BOOK" database) Tokyo is, to anything "love", I to would. Ricky Kasso photo collection.