Svema Foto 64 iso 64 35 mm x 36 exp Vintage Cold Stored Vintage B & W FilmZoom

Svema Foto 64 iso 64 35 mm x 36 exp Vintage Cold Stored Vintage B & W Film

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Vintage Svema Foto 64 in 35mm x 36 exposure format, extremely rare - Ships from USA Svema films were manufactured using classic emulsions with rich silver content. This resulted in a large grayscale reproduction. Unlike modern flat crystal films, which are very unforgiving to use, these films allow beginners to produce quality images. The nature of the film also easily allows large, grain free, enlargements to be made from negatives. These rolls are outdated vintage but are still providing interesting results Features Traditional Black and White Film 35 mm Format Film Handle the wet emulsion with care. We recommend the use of hardener in the stop bath or fixer. Never use a stop-bath with a higher concentration than 2% -- in fact, it is recommended to use plain water in place of stop bath. Cold stored Rolls Svema Foto FN 64 36 B&W 35 mm negative film produced by PO Svema, Ukraine. Exp date 2000s. Each 36 Exposure film is packed in a plastic cassette, in a Platic Cassette and a Plastic Tub The film is viable and you are welcome to experiment with it. Our guidelines are to shoot this stock at ISO 25 or ISO 50 F and best to bracket your 1st roll especially if you want to shoot at ISO 64Development in D-76 or any other standard developer for black and white photographic films. Extremely Rare, Packaged at our Plant and Cold Stored Vintage Collector's Item!!