Sun & Cloud Solar Powered Self Generating Digital Camera WhiteZoom

Sun & Cloud Solar Powered Self Generating Digital Camera White

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The “self-generating” camera can utilize both solar and mechanical power. On the top of the camera is a small solar panel that gathers sunlight in order to charge up. Hence “Sun” in the name. For the “Cloud” part, we look to the side of the camera, on which there’s a convenient hand crank that lets you charge up the device even when there’s no sunlight to collect. Finally, if you lack both sunlight and the motivation (or time) to crank out power by hand, there’s USB charging for juicing the camera up faster.

Sun and Cloud is the World’s First “Self-Generating” Digital Camera

Sun and Cloud shoots in a variety of creative colour and black and white modes including intense monochromes and styles reminiscent of historical Japanese photography.

Colour modes.
Normal: The standard colour palette.
Old : Sepia toned.
Old 2: Muted colours like an old fading photo.
Vivid: Super saturated colour like slide film.
Cross: Like 1990s cross processing.
Aqua: Aquatically blue tinted.
Showa: Slightly washed out tones. T
obashi: Like hand tinted photos.

Monochrome modes.
Mono: Neutral black and white.
Hard Mono: Deeper blacks.
Super Hard Mono: For Provoke style intense blacks.
Noise: Super grainy like newsprint or photocopied zines.
Showa: Strong grey tones.
Tobashi: Very high contrast.
Edo: Monochrome with a hint of sepia like early photography.

Video shoots in three modes; standard 30fps, super 8 style 8