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Superheadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera

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The original DIY plastic analog camera. The Superheadz Plamodel 35mm Camera Kit is a snap-together kit which also has been copied and sometimes is seen as the the “Camman DIY 35mm Camera”. These kits are basically a version of an unassembled Vivitar IC 100. The Superheadz Plamodel version offered here comes in the nifty brightly colored bags packaging. The packaging is sort of "dealers choice", and we can provide you what is available, but if you have a request for package color, we can try to accommodate you. The camera comes with everything you need and the tools you need to put it together. Most of the construction is snap-together, but there are a couple of parts that are secured by using screws. The kit includes a small screwdriver. The instructions are clear and the construction is pretty much straight-forward, and there are a couple of small parts to keep track of. After putting it together you may be surprised at the excellent quality and the smoothness of operation once you have assembled. The camera has a 28mm lens which is squarely in the wide and slim wide-angle territory. The aperture is f/9.5. The shutter speed is 1/125". So, this camera has better low-light performance than some other plastic point and shoot cameras. It yields a nice "retro" look to your shots The camera is black and the packaging comes in 9 different colors, and don't forget we also have available the special edition Moriyama Plamodel Camera with the famous iconic Moriyama image of the grinning dog on the cover. Here are some great images taken with the PlaModel on the Flickr Plamodel Group site :Plamodel Flickr Group 135 Superheadz Plamodel Camera Model Kit: Package Included: 135DIY model parts x 1 pcs Screwdriver x 1 pcs Hand Strap x 1 pcs English Manual x 1 pcs Product Specification: Size: 113X63X35mm (4.25″w, 1″d, 2.5″h) Weight: 122g Format: all 35mm format film (color negative, slide, b&w) Lens: Plastic Approximate 35mm format equivalent focal length: 28mm Aperture: f9.5 Shutter speeds: 1/125 Includes: Assembly kit in vinyl bag, wrist strap and screw driver, English manual, No batteries necessary The perfect student/instructor DIY Camera Kit The Flickr Plamodel Group has some great shots Superheadz Plamodel 35mm DIY Camera Pool