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Superheadz Necono Digital Cat Camera Powershovel

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The Necono Digital Camera, made by the Tokyo-based company, Superheadz, is extremely small (10󫢫cm), and is meant to be carried around like a pet.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should buy it.
There is no need for you to say "Cheese!"

People will be smiling as soon as they see the Camera. Obvious by its name and look, The Necono digital camera is in a shape of a cat (neco in Japanese). Its left eye is the lens and the right is your self portrait indicator sensor. It allows you to take photos and movies like a cat (a digital cat that is)is taking them. The camera does not carry a monitor, (but there is one coming soon!)so you cannot see what you are about to take, which adds to the mystery and allure of this fascinating object de arte'. But it is not as complicated as it may seem. All you need is, a little artistic effort, and of course the will to "be the cat". Then you will be off and running as you get this camera to truly "purr". Please experience the special excitement of a film camera, not knowing what you have caught (not a mouse, we hope). With the dedicated monitor 揗onitor Ground, you can use it like an ordinary digital camera.

Compact, light, and cat shaped, how can you help from yourself from taking it along with you? A camera that makes you want to walk around with, just like your own pet; is the concept for this camera. Please carry it to wherever you go. You can attach a strap to the tail so it will not fall from your hand, neck or arm. You can always stay together.

There will be a monitor available in May / June. A dedicated monitor 揗ONITOR GROUND will enable you to use your necono like an ordinary digital camera.

The art of the digital camera
Based on an original cat design by world famous Swedish ceramicist, Lisa Larson, the Superheadz Necono uses the left eye of the cat for the lens and the right for a sensor. The idea is to have images taken just as if a cat would be taking them. This idea might strike some as strange but it follows on from the fantastical feel of the Necono camera.

Fun features:
The cat cam is built with four magnetic feet, which allow it to stick to any metallic surface. Combined with the self-timer, this will help produce some fantastic and unusual images, as it may not occur to the subjects being photographed, that the small range and white cat, stuck to the fridge, may be shooting them.

There is no screen on the actual camera itself, so users will have to take an educated guess as to whether they are pointing the cat in the right direction, but this does bring back some of the enjoyable anticipation, of using a film camera, and not knowing if you got the shot until later.

Here Now THE MONITOR GROUND....Viewing images
The images will be viewable in a type of docking station for the cat. Just set it down on the station and you can view your latest images. It has a 3-megapixel sensor and does allow for VGA video recording which may not bowl users over, but it is more the concept that counts with this COOL CAT!

It does not have the specs of most compact digital cameras these days, but its fantastical design is enough to get the imagination flowing and bring out the artist and of course even the inner cat, in anyone.