Sun & Cloud Solar Powered Self Generating Digital Camera BlackZoom

Sun & Cloud Solar Powered Self Generating Digital Camera Black

Item# 924-3107


Sun and Cloud shoots in a variety of creative colour and black and white modes including intense monochromes and styles reminiscent of historical Japanese photography. Colour modes. Normal: The standard colour palette. Old : Sepia toned. Old 2: Muted colours like an old fading photo. Vivid: Super saturated colour like slide film. Cross: Like 1990s cross processing. Aqua: Aquatically blue tinted. Showa: Slightly washed out tones. Tobashi: Like hand tinted photos. Monochrome modes. Mono: Neutral black and white. Hard Mono: Deeper blacks. Super Hard Mono: For Provoke style intense blacks. Noise: Super grainy like newsprint or photocopied zines. Showa: Strong grey tones. Tobashi: Very high contrast. Edo: Monochrome with a hint of sepia like early photography. Video shoots in three modes; standard 30fps, super 8 style 8