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Superheadz Cat Wooden Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls

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This set of five matryoshka nesting dolls features colorful cats rendered in a charming folk-art style. Handmade from wood in Russia by Russians, the set will add a little kitsch to any kitten-lover's kitchen.
As is the case with all traditional Russian matryoshka dolls, the individual figurines are hollow so that the set's smaller dolls can nest within their next-largest mates. The largest doll in the set is just 135mm (5.4) tall, making it an ideal mantel- or shelf-topper. Each doll wears a painted-on collar and bell, and all five wear colored hoods in the manner of Russian children from time immemorial. A cute individual touch has the cats holding different objects such as a fishbowl, a bullrush, a teddy bear and an herb planter (presumably catnip) Also known as Russian Nesting Dolls, these Matryoshka doll is already a part of the world's history. These are cute wooden dolls in decreasing sizes allowing one to go inside another. Each doll is hand painted making it a labor of love in the attempt to bring employment to farfetched areas of the world. There's the Nippon collection where the dolls hold the Tokyo tower, camera, origami, onigiri, and the Mount Fuji. The Mama collection is for every mom out there wherein the collection is seen with a bowl of rice, a music tool, knit, and a rake. The Cat collection is available with dolls holding a fish, cat herb, and a mouse. With different choices, you would want to have your own collection of these Matryoshka dolls! This is the CAT Set.