STEPPIN' CHINA Birdhead book Tankobon HardcoverZoom

STEPPIN' CHINA Birdhead book Tankobon Hardcover

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I saw their One photo taken with or something of Chinese gallery web. They can be contacted immediately, or not made a photo book? And was offer. We, well, be determined to mend a book not so much knowing the photos of that person. The reason is simple. Originally, photos and, it's what you can see when you see one. Side to make or rather is and! Do not If you do not know in it, photograph and it is gambling. We he applied to the first intuition! Making, I make If you think. Only person who can make you think that the make is, the "troubled I, once again, it made'll got to the good" only those who said that, I can enjoy the best fun of photography collection development. Photos making fun. It's like editing the movie that there is room for one million ways of interpretation. World photos stationary, and is completely muted. That dealing with "still and mute", this is what, he biggest charm of photos. Look at the first rough that we have edited, they argued that "This is not a collection of works BIRDHEAD". Did not do not know its opinion. Because we because always make our photo collection of want to see. So, I took the form of halves edit them and us and. In this way, was finished too different Part 1 and Part 2. I think that he is this a was good. "Were trying to change to make" and China we, they "were trying to change to make" China, the two China is here. Or Where is the real China, there is no interest Nante. Such a thing is not reflected in the photograph. Photo's repetition of sampling and remix. There is a meaning to what the loop. We eventually, was supposed to be me, "also had to make a okay. Really, by Yannatchau.". We some pretty "heat" that forgot to before is here. As possible, of the code say pictures come out might much China. Content ("BOOK" database)