Park City High School - Photo 2

Park City High School - Photo 2
Product Description
Each Student Pack consists of:
One pack - 8 x 10 /25 Sheets Ultrafine Elite VC Glossy Cat#702-8103
One Pack - 5 x 7 / 75 Sheets Ultrafine Elite VC Pearl Cat#704-5775
Four rolls - Ultrafine Xtreme Black & White Film ISO 400 35mm x 24 exp. Cat#652-244
New Ultrafine Elite VC Pearl is a professional quality Variable Contrast, Resin coated, medium weight paper, formulated for the most demanding photographers. A cool neutral tone offers deep rich blacks,excellent tonal separation, and crisp, clean whites. an instant top selection for students, enthusiast, and Pro Photo Labs alike. Setting the benchmark in quality at an exceptional price. Compatible with Ilford, Kodak, and Ultrafine filters.