Hipstermatic Great Wall PF-1 35mm SLR Camera w/ 40mm f2.8 LensZoom

Hipstermatic Great Wall PF-1 35mm SLR Camera w/ 40mm f2.8 Lens

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Brand New 35mm SLR Camera from the same factory that made these for Fuji and Haminex. We allocated this new "Old Stock" straight from the factory and after "putting it through the paces" we declare our little SLR's are ready to conquer the world. The shutter goes Clunka Clunka, you have to know what you are doing sometimes to get the film loaded properly, and the finish ain't so fine...but what you do get are incredible, dreamy, vignetted pictures. Think of (in the same exact price range) the Holga 35mm plastic lens camera, a beauty if there ever was one, and then put on a glass lens that can split image focus and a sort of meter, and you have the makings of a photo legend. Every hipsta with a flickr account has a Holga or a Lomo, but only the choosen few can have a Great Wall Hipstermatic. Be one of the choosen few, and see what you can do with this incredible photo tool! Think of it, as an SLR Holga, or Lomo, with a unique vision, all of it's own. We have a limited supply of these brand new 35mm SLR Cameras Greatwall PF-1 and to our surprise, it has a fixed shutter speed, in an ultra sturdy plastic SLR camera, and you can adjust the exposure with your aperture. Moreover, it has a light meter inside that tells you if you’re using the right aperture, the batteries for this camera are simple AA batteries! The batteries run the flash and the light meter. This camera is a must have for any Lomo, Holga, or Superheadz Powershovel fanatic. Comes with its own leatherette case, strap and Lens Cap and a Camera Instruction Booklet in English. This rare find can be yours and will bring many years of enjoyment. This camera was marketed in the early 80's as the Fujica ST-F, The Haminex 35 Reflex Flash, Nagai SRF and the Yumica RFX-1. We had a supply of the Haminex back in 03 -04 and sold through those and were happy to get our hands on these clunkers once again. You will not win any awards for being the quietest photog around as the shutter, really shutters, but the results are absolutely unpallaralelled. Get yours while supplies last. And here are some great snapshot examples from a Flickr Group Great Wall PF - 1 Users Group on Flickr And here are some wonderful pictures from the Lomography Blog Great Wall PF-1 Pictures on the Lomography Blog Here is a Great Wall PF-1 Camera Instruction Sheet Great Wall PF - 1 Instruction Manual