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MORIYAMA Plamodel DIY Camera + MORIYAMA Projector Pen Bundle

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This unique set includes one Plamodel DIY camera, a very special edition Moriyama Daido model along with a Moriyama Daido projector pen. The projector pen allows viewers to watch slides from famous Japanese photographer, Moriyama Daido, and the DIY camera has two interchangeable lenses (22mm and 45mm). The 22mm is a wide lens that produces gorgeous colors and the 45mm creates perspective.

The Camera

From famed Artist Moriyama a Do-It-Yourself Plamodel Camera with a little bite! A model camera Kit that you put together yourself. Now you can make your own 35mm Camera with this fun Do It Yourself kit, the SuperHeadz Pla-model DIY 35mm Camera Moriyama. The kit comes with everything you need to make a 35mm camera, and all the parts comes in a plastic frame, just like an Airfix Revell kit, all you need to do is snap all the parts together, and viola, you have a fun DIY 35mm working Camera.

The Pen

. Developed with the assistance of world renown Daido Moriyama, this is not just a mere writing instrument, but a futuristic artistic weapon. In the head of the Pen is a little projector that displays the mighty images of Daido Moriyama upon your nearest blank space.