Lomographic Society Diana MINI WHITE 35mm Camera Zoom

Lomographic Society Diana MINI WHITE 35mm Camera

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Look who just got a fresh makeover! Retaining its dreamy appeal and ultra-convenient qualities, the Diana Mini’s very first clone is now ultra-bright in a coat of white! Product Description Like things minimal and simple? Then the Diana Mini White will charm you with its clean look. It’s still the same Diana Mini camera that you’ve always loved – it shoots two formats (square or half-frame) using all kinds of 35mm film. A single roll of 36 shots can give you 72 shots if you’re using the half frame format! Just like the rest of the cameras in the Diana family, it gives you lovely lo-fi images. Additional Information Features • Bright and clean white coating • Pocket-sized and lightweight • Two film formats: square and half-frame • Built-in cable release for easy long exposures Camera Type Zone Focus Film Type 35mm