Lomographic Society Diana MINI Petite Noire BLACK 35mm Camera WITH FLASHZoom

Lomographic Society Diana MINI Petite Noire BLACK 35mm Camera WITH FLASH

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This black beauty is a total stunner! The Diana Mini Petite Noire emits a classic, mysterious vibe with its sleek look while giving you convenient 35mm half-frames and squares. Product Description The Diana Mini hails from the famous medium-format Diana F+ family. Now we introduce you to its clone, the Diana Mini Petite Noire. Clad in a classy black outfit, this little plastic camera takes dreamy 35mm pictures, and allows you to shoot in two formats – square or half-frames. A single roll of film (36 shots) gives you 72 shots if you’re using the half-frame option! The Diana Mini Petite Noire package includes the Diana Flash Black with color gel filters. Slip one into the flash and beam some colored light into your pictures! Additional Information Features • Uses all kinds of 35mm film and standard development • Two formats to choose from, in just one flick of a switch – Half-Frame Format (can take up to 72 shots in a 35mm roll), and Square Format • Easily shoot multiple long exposures • Includes the Diana Flash Black and color gel filters for Colorsplashing your images! Camera Type Zone Focus Film Type 35mm, Slide, Color Negative, Black & White