Lomo Diana 35mm MINI with Diana Flash and 5 Rolls of FilmZoom

Lomo Diana 35mm MINI with Diana Flash and 5 Rolls of Film

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The Diana Mini 35mm Camera from Lomography is the ultra-compact, version of the Diana F+ camera. This plastic camera with a wide angle lens allows users to get in close or choose between any of four focal distances. It has exposure settings: 'Sunny', 'Cloudy', or 'B'. The Mini has two formats, 36 square pictures or 72 half-frame pictures on one roll of 35mm film. Plus, users can swap between formats on the same roll with the flick of a button. The Diana Mini, to enhance creative possibilities, is ready and able to create multiple exposures. With the Diana Mini long exposures are easy thanks to the 'B' setting, tripod mount and cable release attachment - a Diana first. PLUS THE DIANA FLASH PLUS 5 ROLLS OF 35mm FILM Uses 35mm film and standard development Shoot 72 rectangular half-frames, 36 square full-frame pictures or flick a switch and alternate between formats Multiple exposure functionality "B" mode for long exposures Cable release attachment Sunny and cloudy exposure settings Tripod mount Compatible with the Diana flash (not included) Overlap frames across photos to create abstract panoramas Lomographic's 1-Year Limited Warranty.